Things You've Learned From Being Single

You've learned through being single that you should concentrate on developing self-love because, while you have no control over how others will treat you, you do have power over how you treat yourself.


Being single has taught you to value the non-romantic loves in your life, such as the friends who are always there for you, the family members who always check in on you, and the animals who provide you support.


You've learned by living alone that you are enough on your own and that you don't need someone else to make you feel complete, happy, or pleased.


Living alone has taught you that you can get by in this world on your own and that you ought to have greater faith in yourself since you're doing pretty darn well.


You've learned from living alone that having a significant other does not determine your value, happiness, or sense of purpose in life.


Even though there may be times when you think you'll never fall in love again, you are going to eventually disprove that belief since the single life has taught you that your heart is strong and utterly unbreakable.


You've learned from being single that rejection, heartache, and goodbyes are inevitable parts of life, so enjoy the moment while it lasts rather than obsessing over the past or an uncertain future.