The Zodiacs Ranked According To How Well They Manage Liquor During Crazy Weekends

Leos are the responsible friend. The friend who will tell you to drink more water so you’re not hungover in the morning. The friend who will walk you to the bathroom when you puke.


The person who complains about how all of their friends are leaving that early. They consume a lot of alcohol, but they are strong. They know what they’re doing by now.


This sign is pretty reasonable, even when they are falling over drunk. Instead of going out and partying, they would rather sit around the house with a close group of friends and order a pizza.


A Taurus becomes more extroverted after drinking. more outgoing. They now feel like they belong, which makes them feel on top of the world.


When they are sober, they are friendly, but when they are inebriated, they become friends with everyone. They will congratulate the female standing in front of them in line for the loo.


Although they wouldn't admit it, Geminis don't really handle alcohol well. They would claim to be experienced drinkers if you questioned them.


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