How to Determine Someone's Missing You Using Their Astrological Sign

They will send you a brief, seemingly meaningless text that begins with "hey." They'll enjoy the old Instagram pictures you posted. Although they may appear to be casually contacting you, the fact that they are doing so indicates that they have been missing you.


They'll text you to start a conversation about something ridiculous, like a show they watched or a query they had about the restaurant you recommended.


Just by chance, they'll run into you at your preferred coffee shop. In place of flirting, they will pretend to be just cordial.


They will complain about being bored. They'll inquire about your plans for that evening. Without actually expressing it, they will imply that they want to hang out with you.


They will send you a lengthy, complex email or text message. To you, they will bare all of their heart. They will be open and honest about their feelings, and they hope that you will value their openness and share their feelings.


When you bring up other (beautiful) persons, they become envious. They continue to inquire about your romantic situation. It's evident that they want to know if you're still available.


They'll truly make an effort to schedule plans with you. They will change their timetable to accommodate you. They work hard to show how much they miss you.