Astrological Signs Ordered From Above-and-Beyond Men to Absolute Minimal Men

A Cancer man isn't embarrassed to express his emotions or his objectives. He has a golden heart and can be a sweetheart. A dedicated homebody who appreciates his family life, Cancer is a fantastic mate.


The Scorpio man is intensely devoted to all he does. If you're the object of his attention, he won't stop until you fall in love with him. Scorpio will make an effort to delve deeply with you and learn all of your secrets.


Taurus gives marriage a lot of thought before committing, but once he does, he takes his obligations seriously. He is a kind lover in every way since Venus, the planet of love, rules him.


Once they believe they only need attention from one specific person, Leo guys are utterly devoted and helpful. Before getting entangled, he usually discerns whether a person is just a fling or has long-term potential.


He seeks true love, a closest friend, and a fellow equal. Pisces is dedicated, compassionate, and selfless. He has the perfect words and actions to make you feel special. The Fish will adore you, prepare you dinner, and send you flower bouquets.


He adores being in love and is not frightened to commit. The leisurely, delicate dance of romance captures the Libra man's attention pretty well. He will enthrall you, but he will also consider the relationship on his terms.


He is trustworthy, accountable, and very diligent. If only he weren't so cold-hearted. Capricorn is too determined to put another person before themselves.