According to Your Astrological Sign, Which Disney Personality Are You?

You represent the escape artist. You merely want to be a part of their world; you are a hopeless daydreamer. Your sign is a fish, symbolizing your love of the ocean.You tend to be too trusting, which is why you initially traded in your voice.

Pisces: Ariel

You are an adventurous girl. You have a pet tiger and get a real-life hangover every day. You may be angry, irritable, and sensitive to lies. You are assertive and frequently assume leadership positions.

Aries: Jasmine

The most dependable sign is Taurus. Nobody is more trustworthy than Peter Pan's friend. You're very, really committed. You are a feisty person who wants more praise and credit.

Taurus: Tinker Bell

Everyone wants to party with you because you, Alice, are doing some next level stuff. You enjoy being around interesting people because you are a very social person.

Gemini: Alice In Wonderland

You represent the housewife. The trophy housewife is you. It's time to get compensated after all the time you spent scrubbing floors and cleaning chimneys. The most sensitive sign is you.

Cancer: Cinderella

Despite being the ruler of the jungle, Simba is nothing without his queen. Your zodiac sign is a lion, and you enjoy being the center of attention.

Leo: Nala

Bookworm neighbor girl. At the core of yourself, you are a perfectionist. You are respected for your extraordinary work ethic. You are the kind of girl who enjoys changing a boy.

Virgo: Belle

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