According to Your Astrological Sign, This Is What 'You' Character You Are

You are outspoken and self-assured, thus you might be similar to Simon. You don't just take ownership of who you are and what you possess; you also don't allow anyone to stand in your way. You can be impulsive in that you say it how it is.


You are as intelligent and pragmatic as Marianne. You can be a little stubborn when it comes to love and won't open up to anyone unless you feel like you can trust them. You are aware of the value of effort, particularly in relationships.


You are a social butterfly like Malcolm (R.I.P.). You adore interacting with others and have many friends (whether they like you or not). You enjoy going out and partying.


Despite being fairly cold and manipulative, you are always more than happy to assist people. That is Elliott. Elliot works for Ray Quinn, also known as Love's father. (He saves Joe's life by persuading him to travel to London and take the name Jonathan.)


You share Adam's traits of confidence and cockiness. You enjoy pricey, upscale goods and belonging to the elite. You enjoy being attractive and receiving compliments. "You steal my spotlight, so I kill you," I said. Okay.


Like Kate, you are a wise and pragmatic person. You don't open up readily and have a tendency to be rather judgmental of others. You are sometimes quite cold, too. I don't care if you think I'm a bitch, she said. I greatly prefer it," you sensed.


Like Roald, you have a strong appreciation for life's finer things. Everything that is opulent, pricey, and lovely is for you. Additionally, especially to the individuals you care about, you can have fierce loyalty. However, you can occasionally be a little destructive or passive hostile.