Aaron Rodgers Got Traded To The Jets In A Historic Blockbuster

Finally, the Jets secured their man. Aaron Rodgers is officially the Jets' quarterback after weeks of rumors.

Someone close to the situation confirmed the move Monday, precisely 40 days after Rodgers made it known he wanted to join the Jets in New York.

There are many moving pieces to the transaction, and it won't be clear who really "won" it until we find out the performance and for how long Rodgers performs for the Jets.

In this deal, first-round draft selections from this year's draft are exchanged. On Thursday night, the Packers will now have the 13th overall selection, moving the Jets up to fifteen.

In addition, the Jets are sending Green Bay two draft picks from this year's second and sixth rounds as well as a conditional pick for 2024 that will either be 

a first-round pick if Aaron Rodgers plays sixty-five percent of the plays for the Jets in 2023 or a choice in the second round if he doesn't.

The Jets will also get a fifth-round selection (No. 170 overall) in this year's draft in addition to Rodgers.

The deal won't become official until Rodgers' contract details are settled.